Platform Chunky Heels

Dikke platforms zijn gewoon "Yesss" voor elke vrouw.

Ze zijn gepolijst genoeg om te combineren met skinny jeans voor werk of te combineren met jurken voor diners en drankjes. Volg de trend met dikke plateauzolen om je outfits naar een hoger niveau te tillen.
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    Zwart uitgesneden platform hoge hakken rits feest sandalen schoenen
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    Zwarte plateau sandaal met bandjes en klassieke gesp Stiletto hoge hak
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Women’s Platform Chunky Heels-The Must Have Item Of the Wardrobe

Platform shoes are one of the types of heels that every woman should know right now. We know that heels are the BFF of each woman and you might have killer heels, low-to-high heels or chunky heels. Well, platform chunky high heels are becoming big huge trends on the Ins feed and runway.

Feature of Chunky Heel Platforms

Platform chunky heels come with a platform of the sole and block-shaped heel. The chunky heel platform sandals pop in many fashion magazines, and UP2STEP sandals’ No.1 - Metallic Knot Platform Chunky Sandals, are also recommended with their shinny style and knotted trends.

Chunky Heel Platform Shoes-Easy to Walk in

Platform chunky heels would not be so thinner because of the block heels or chunky heels. Chunky heels platforms take a little pressure off the front of your foot and would walk more easily than killer heels. If you’re not good at stilettos, then we would recommend the platform chunky heels.

What’s Trendy of Chunky Platform Block Heels

Chunky heel platform sandals are seen everywhere in summer. And we also design the fashion-trend Chunky Platform Sandals Collection you can scroll through to find out what suits your outfits. Platform chunky heels include chunky heel platform sandals to platform booties chunky heel to Platform Chunky High Heels.

Gothic platform shoes are also very popular as the dance shoes, pleaser shoes or punk shoes and suit for the occasion like wedding, prom or date-night party.

Queenly Trap Platform Chunky Sandals-UP2STEP New Arrival

QUEENLY TRAP heels are our new arrival shoes, with a rhinestones buckle ankle strap around the ankle and single strap in the front and shoes’ trend of animal print leopards. Nothing complements a summer outfit like a pair of platform chunky heels sandals. While queenly trap carries more of a strong and sexy tone.