Platform Chunky Heels-Best To Wear

Platform chunky heels are the new trend and improved wedges in the world of shoes. Women chunky heel platform sandals are quickly becoming one of the top trends of the season. These heels offer the sleek, slimming elevation of classic stilettos combined with the comfort and daily practicality of platforms.

New year, new shoes. A fresh wave of footwear trends was ushered through as we entered a new 2022. After back-to-back seasons of 90s-inspired fashion it's time to make way for new styles (By Vogue) in your closet—the return of platforms chunky heel. The year's biggest shoe trends are fun, colorful, and guaranteed to bring new life into your wardrobe. So here we have a few things that you can shop and turn your old shoes into fashion chunky heel platform, especially because you may actually be wearing them out of the house shortly.

The bead ankle strap platform heels come in white pu, with metallic silver beads stud on the cross-strap for an added element of chic rock for your platforms. The 5.9-inch heel is a bit higher than those you already got, but still pack the platform punch when strutting down the street or the halls of your apartment. Towering above all else, these black&white polka dot double strap high heels measure a whopping 5.9 inches, and thankfully feature an adjustable ankle strap in an attempt to keep you stable and upright. This dress platform chunky heel featuring timeless blacknwhite colors, always-on-trend polka dot print and sculptural cut-out shoes’ shapes, each pair presents a contemporary interpretation.

The platform block heel is the answer to your dressing prayers. Vogue, chic and timeless, there’s no occasion where a platform high heeled shoe doesn’t work. They’re like the wardrobe cavalry – to be called on in your hour of festive need.

Other words, it is the ultimate party shoe. Better to see across a crowd, and ensure that no one steps on your toes. What better pair with which to return to a dance floor. A platform chunky sandal often comes with that certain embellishment that one looks for in a holiday party shoe, whether it’s a crystal buckle, a velvet texture or a jewel-toned metallic finish.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to platform heels. Platform chunky high heels give your look a solid, eye-catching finish that makes them more versatile than delicate stilettos and allows you to easily pair them with a wide variety of looks. (by WhoWhatWear)All you really need is a pair of plain black jeans. Layer classic black tights underneath a solid or patterned dress and complete the look with metallic ankle strap chunky heels or velvet knotted block heels. If you want to get a little more creative, experiment with trousers in different textures and patterns. Wear rhinestone ankle strap sandals under your dress to give your look a delicate and feminine finish. Pair sexy leopard platform chunky shoes with a neutral dress to add an eye-catching focal point to your look.  

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