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Check what shoes Oksana Kovtun invest for her wardrobe.

First Look:

Maybe you have many styles of shoes for your office outfits, and the boots not only warm your feet while elevate your outlooks. You won't regret to invest it!

Up2step Croc-Printed Knee High Boots $99.99

2nd. Look:

Talking about the best shoes you'd better not purge from your closet, that's definitely Slide Sandals.

Neon Lime Mule Sandals Heels $72.99

The shoe trends come and go, but the fashion is a return. Knee-high-boots and slide sandals pop up on the runway and fashionable magazine each year. Those styles you're guaranteed to regret within months of tossing them. Follow the influencer’s pick, to get what classic but trendy heels never out of styles. XOXO.